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Nash Dot Net UG meeting - April 10th

Thursday, April 10th 6:30pm

Speaker: Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens is a passionate and experienced software developer living in
Knoxville, TN. Alan has had a lifelong love affair with technologies of all sorts. He became a software developer with the creation of his first application, because there was nobody around to do it for him. Life hasn't been the same since. Alan regularly speaks at industry conferences and user groups.  Alan is the President of the East Tennessee .NET Users Group.  When Alan is not playing with his kids, enjoying a fine cigar, singing or playing his acoustic guitar, he occasionally updates his blog at http://netcave.org..

Meeting Location:
3 Lakeview Place, 22 Century Blvd.
Suite 140
Nashville, Tennessee  37214

See http://www.nashdotnet.org/ for more info


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