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Driving Success with Targeted Marketing: Using Segmentation and Stage Journey Models

Segmentation and stage journey models are important tools in modern marketing, as they allow businesses to better understand their customers and tailor their marketing efforts to specific audiences. In this article, I will discuss the practice of using segmentation or stage journey models as data si... [More]

The Four Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming and Their Relevance in Distributed Systems

I believe that a thorough understanding of the four pillars of object-oriented programming is essential for any developer working on modern distributed systems. Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a paradigm that emphasizes the use of objects to represent real-world entities and encapsulate their b... [More]

Abstraction and Future-Proofing in Complex Componentized Systems: Contracts, Bulk Dataset Exchange, and RESTful APIs

AbstractAs software systems become increasingly complex and componentized, it becomes more important to design them with the principle of abstraction in mind. Abstraction allows components to function independently of each other, providing greater flexibility and maintainability. To achieve this, co... [More]