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Need to post one time before the eoy…

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Microsoft Sync - A quick review

So, my wife’s new vehicle has Microsoft Sync.  I had seen the goofy commercials and was not really interested.  I’ve never enjoyed most of the voice activated goofiness in new consumer gadgets.  Well, I was surprised.  It took all of about 5 seconds to connect my HTC ... [More]

Do not buy the Logitech Harmony 890 Remote

What a POS!  Looks cool…but just doesn’t work.  This was given to me as a birthday present.  BTW, E, I do appreciate the thought.  I struggled with this silly thing for a few hours.  Of course, after searching online, I find out it is a complete POS.  The f... [More]

SNL - Ras Trent

Okay, this is old now, but I was searching for something else and came across it again...it made me laugh uncontrollably.   Technorati Tags: Humor,SNL,Video Share this post :

youtube - Butter Menthol Batman

Again, looking for something and came across this.  I'll never get through my current research task, but this is hilarious!   Technorati Tags: youtube,humor,video Share this post :