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informIT interview with Fred Brooks

Worth reading if you’re in the business of software design, development and/or delivery.  He’s the author of two of my personal favorites The Mythical Man-Month and The Design of Design.  I was lucky enough to have The Mythical Man-Month passed on to me early in my career and it certainly ... [More]

Hyper-V and iSCSI tools

I’m completely virtual now with a fairly robust ‘private cloud’…here are a few tools that helped.   Disk2vhd v1.5 (sysinternals) – Tool that creates VHDs from your hard disks…quickly move from physical to virtual.  Awesome tool!!   Two tools for creating iSCSI targets for win2008;... [More]

LNE100TX 64Bit Driver

Incase anyone else is trying to find this…another vendor FAIL!!  Thanks Linksys/Cisco.. This one works -->  http://bacon.modacity.net/stuff/lne100tx-64bit.zip mikehouston.net Tags: drivers, 64bit, hardware

Funny - Hitler reacting to the iPad

Win 7/Vista – AtBroker.exe and Explorer.exe will not start

CA Blunder : Win 7/Vista – AtBroker.exe and Explorer.exe will not start [More]