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Nice 'iPhone'-like interface for WM5/6

PointUI - looks and feels pretty neat   Technorati Tags: PointUI,WM5,WM6,Windows Mobile,Phone

It's officially over...SONY won the war! (and I think that sux)

so long HD-DVD! Report: Sony, Microsoft discussing 360 Blu-ray drive - Xbox 360 News at GameSpot Technorati Tags: Blu-Ray,HD-DVD,Microsoft,Sony,Media Battle

blog upgrade...

small upgrade to the blog...since I finally had time to waste ;-P

I am constantly in awe of the current quality of developers..

I won't make this a long,drawn-out rant, but I have to vent (just for peace of mind)... I actually saw the following in code recently :   if("A Literal String".ToUpper() == someRandomVariable.ToUpper()){...} and string vbcrlf = "\r\n";   ... [More]

Snazzy LOB UI in WPF on XP Tablet - just a glimpse..

Any possibly sensitive information from the screen shot has been blurred to protect the innocent (namely me). Technorati Tags: WPF, Windows Presentation Foundation, XAML