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Ryder Cup 2008 - Photos Part 1

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US Open - Sunday

Wow!  An injured Tiger and solid playing Lee Westwood in a final pairing!  Who would have guessed Rocco could hold on under that pressure?!  So, it ends with Rocco in at -1, Westwood and Tiger flubbing around with a 3rd shot into 18...both make decent wedges in and have 10+ footers to... [More]

US Open 2008

The first 2 days were crazy.  I can't believe Tiger's last 9 holes on Friday...wow!!!  That's why he's #1 in world ranking points.  Phil was playing okay...sorta fell apart...what's new?!  There are a lot of players in the running, Sat. should be an awesome &#... [More]

Teched08 - 'Spring Break for Nerds' ;-P

Another excellent year at TechEd!  After all these years, I still enjoy the lengthy, opinionated and inebriated conversations over technologies, implementations, products, etc. I did make it to a few interesting sessions and spoke to a few 'official' types about various things ASP.Net MVC, Vel... [More]

My dog's got Grill-Bling now

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