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I am constantly in awe of the current quality of developers..

I won't make this a long,drawn-out rant, but I have to vent (just for peace of mind)...
I actually saw the following in code recently :


if("A Literal String".ToUpper() == someRandomVariable.ToUpper()){...}


string vbcrlf = "\r\n";

How/When will development on the Microsoft platform ever mature to the point where any bozo who can spell his name and have a conversation with a recruiter will not be allowed to actually create code on real software systems?

I know the dream is that creating LOB systems/applications becomes as easy as using an iPOD, but, for god's sake, we're not there yet.  STOP IT!  You actually do have know more than simple syntax to do this job!

Oh...here's another one...
I just found a situation on a SQL server:  In true Microsoft DBA fashion, a bozo had set the log file initial size for a particular database to the exact size of the physical drive it was located on - and had it configured to auto-grow by 10% !

okay...I'm calming down now...see the the daily WTF for more evidence that our industry is a mess.  I can't believe I've reached the point that I hate hobbyist...in the past I had a great deal of respect for the hobbyist programmers...now they all have programming jobs, but no clue.  I created an excel macro once, so I should be qualified to design your fulfillment system....jeez!!!


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