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GLASS “doomed”…late…

"Google Glass is becoming an enigma. Over the past week the fashion world, via hair care p... http://t.co/4CUQjB8ezd pic.twitter.com/B8OCWlRGvq —... [More]

XP death date is coming…

95 percent of the world’s ATMs run Windows XP http://t.co/PiATpMdHf4 pic.twitter.com/lklBSMYYXz — Tom Warren (@tomwarren) January 20, 2014

Bootstrap in Windows Phone 8 IE10

All I can say is “really??!!!”.  Yeah, yeah, I know… Thanks to Matt Stow and Tim Kadlec for making this a relatively simple search and fix. ... [More]

Home Wi-Fi Network with UniFi

I’ve struggled for complete Wi-Fi coverage over many years and many devices, this product appears to have completely resolved every dissatisfaction I’... [More]

Apps for Cars

Dev sign up for Ford and GM : https://developer.ford.com https://developer.gm.com