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Bootstrap in Windows Phone 8 IE10

All I can say is “really??!!!”.  Yeah, yeah, I know… Thanks to Matt Stow and Tim Kadlec for making this a relatively simple search and fix. ... [More]

Apps for Cars

Dev sign up for Ford and GM : https://developer.ford.com https://developer.gm.com

Microsoft Sync - A quick review

So, my wife’s new vehicle has Microsoft Sync.  I had seen the goofy commercials and was not really interested.  I’ve never enjoy... [More]

PockeTwit - WM Twitter client - Worth a try

  Download Here ( http://code.google.com/p/pocketwit/ ) Thanks to @slimcode for letting me know about this one!   Technorati Tags: twitter,... [More]

Teched08 - 'Spring Break for Nerds' ;-P

Another excellent year at TechEd!  After all these years, I still enjoy the lengthy, opinionated and inebriated conversations over technologies, ... [More]