Honorary member of the Shaolin

GatesLetter.com Viral Video – Jimmy Fallon

Nice OS ‘Data Science’ curriculum

The Open Source Data Science Masters Curriculum (http://datasciencemasters.org/)   If, nothing else, there are some great resources referenced that you may not know about.

Bitcoin Tickers

...and now for a little more elaborate tracking... http://bitcointicker.co/

Simple iBeacon implementation on Linux

I used a Raspberry Pi/Debian https://github.com/nolim1t/linux-ibeacon

GLASS “doomed”…late…

"Google Glass is becoming an enigma. Over the past week the fashion world, via hair care p... http://t.co/4CUQjB8ezd pic.twitter.com/B8OCWlRGvq — Peter Bromberg (@peterbromberg) January 20, 2014