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Teched08 - 'Spring Break for Nerds' ;-P

Another excellent year at TechEd!  After all these years, I still enjoy the lengthy, opinionated and inebriated conversations over technologies, implementations, products, etc. I did make it to a few interesting sessions and spoke to a few 'official' types about various things ASP.Net MVC, Vel... [More]

My dog's got Grill-Bling now

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TechEd Developers Tweetup planned...

@alanstevens has organized a Meetup of tweeps, twitters and the like...see you there... Info/links on Allan's Blog   Technorati Tags: Teched2008,TechEd,Twitter Share this post :

My Favorite Tweet so far...

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The annual Barren River Golf Trip

Great fun!  Again, these old farts like to get up too early in the morning, so I really couldn't pay attention enough to actually remember to take photos...oh well...here's what I did get... Share this post : ... [More]